The exponential evolution of Video Marketing

11.08.23 11:09 AM Comment(s)
Social media is more than just posting two sentences and a link on Facebook or LinkedIn. It is more than retweeting a funny video. And it is more than the theory of “customising a message for your target audience”. In a world of constant flux, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to stay connected with your audience.

The year of the video
2017 was dubbed as “the year of the video”. Audiences want to see content rather than read content, and they want you to get to the point within 6 seconds!

The basic principal of video is this: the more senses you engage, the better. But at present, a video is no longer just a video.

Meet Interactive Videos: a phenomenal way to interact and engage with audiences.

Interactive videos are almost like video games where the viewer is presented with options to choose from. What they see next is dependent on the choice they have made a second before.

But why video?
Pretty cool, right? But what does this mean for your business? Here are short and hard facts:

  1. Videos boost conversation and
  2. It is a great tool for remarketing which increases your engagement and frequency.
  3. You will get your money back! The first three months of ROI statistics (views over impressions) will predict when you will start seeing ROI.
  4. Videos build trust(because it’s easier for the audience to engage with).
  5. Google also loves video! This is great for your brand’s Google ranking.
  6. Video is more accessible and appeals to your mobile users (not just millennials).
  7. You can explain anything in a video.
  8. It prompts lazy
  9. Video also encourages social sharing, meaning your viewers will share it on their personal timelines, resulting in higher impression ratings.

Okay, so what is the catch?
– You have only 6 seconds to make an exceptional impression and get to the point.

– Putting the right content out there is easier said than done. You cannot just know about your audience. You have to KNOW your audience as individual members! Only then will you be able to discern what they want to see and what will prompt their engagement.

– Subtitles are of cardinal importance. Luckily YouTube can generate them for you automatically.

Some tips for video marketing
– Have a strategy. If you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t matter where go.

– Be innovative. Play around with different types of video (animation, 360 degrees, interactive, etc.) and the tone of voice (happy, motivating, energetic, sad, etc. – refer back to have a strategy).

– Go live! We have had numerous Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Munchkins. Parents could post questions and get answers immediately.

– Choose the right platform. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter ask for different content and length of videos.

– Have great intros and outros. Get to your point and remember your call-to-action. Remind the viewer (more than once if possible) why they are watching your video in the first place.

– Use the correct metrics. Just because you had 10 000 views doesn’t mean 10 000 people will start buying your products and services. Impressions and views, however, do tell us how your brand awareness has grown. “Views” include all views, from 5-second views to full length views. Know what you are looking at (excuse the pun).