Mastering Your Message

11.08.23 11:09 AM Comment(s)
Marketing used to be simple, anyone with some flair for working with people or the creative could pull it off.
Even having a website used to be fairly simple. Words like integration between platforms or content generation and syndication did not exist.

As long as your website was up and running you were happy.

Then a few other things happened. SEO, Google algorithms and mobile apps, online marketing, social media, blogging and our beloved content generation and management to name but a few. Suddenly what seemed simple became somewhat more complicated.

Your communications, marketing and web providers used to be three very different companies, one taking charge of your PR, the other marketing your services and the latter your online presence, until it all became too expensive and dare we say it too complicated?

So how DO you choose a provider that is right for your business?
Have they established that you have a marketable brand?
Have they devoted time to analyse your business, market and competitors?
Have they considered strategies to generate revenue for your business from various angles?
Can they expand your website as your business grows?
Will social media be integrated into your web design?
Do you need a mobile app or an online press office?
Who managed your SEO (Search engine optimisation)
Will there be on-going maintenance of your blogs or content?

Your needs, target audience, pricing and competitors will change in the future. Oh yes, the millenials are on their way and their ideas and views of the world are much different than those you have marketed to before.

Isn’t it time that you find a partner that can pull all the strings together?

Let’s just get started already! The value of a strategy
When or do we ask how did you start your business? Did you just decide one day to set up shop? Or did you sit down and plan what you wanted to achieve?

If you’re not sure what your business goals are, how can you possibly convey its values, benefits and returns to your clients?

Let’s look at your website for instance, it might have a spectacular design, all the bells and whistles, but without a proper strategy that is aligned to your brand, that defines your target audience and distinguishes your offering from that of your competitors, it will do nothing for your business.

A comprehensive web strategy should include:
  • Who your ideal clients are and where to find them in an online environment
  • What you are offering and why it will matter to your clients
  • What social media sites you should be active on

What content your site needs and in which format, in order for your clients to react to and interact with in a positive manner

Your answers will guide your website development, your content, your social media efforts, as well as other touch points, such as regular communication with your clients and your onlinge campaigns.

It’s overwhelming we know.

There used to be a time when money was your most valuable commodity. If you had a large advertising budget you would outshine the rest. Communicating with your customer through traditional media did the trick. You would place a snippet in your local paper, perhaps record a radio piece, design a great-looking magazine advertisement or print some flyers. Your customer would phone you and ”just like that”, the job was done!

Of course budget is important and something worth doing is worth doing well.  With too little budget, there is a point where you begin to simply waste money, because you are not reaching the requisite communications thresholds. BUT where, when and how to spend it is just as important.

Even though constant visual reminders are great for brand building, traditional media is losing market share.  Your customer is no longer interested in YOUR sales talk, they want to know how you will add value to THEIR lives.

What’s with the jargon?

You regularly hear the words, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, online presence, web traffic and SEO.  What does this have to do with running a business?

Well, human attention is in rather short supply. We are now living in an attention economy and suddenly no one is interested in your sales message, they would rather just turn to Google and find what they are looking for themselves.

We know, you need results and you need it now! But without a plan this is not likely to happen. So, where do we start?

Your business needs to be analysed, with the help of a customised online communications strategy. Wow, big concept!  This is a working document that determines who you are, who your target audience is, what excites them, why your product or service will benefit them, where you can find them and how you should speak to them.

Need help? Echovine Communications is a holistic communications agency offering both offline and online expertise.

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