How your online presence, influences your sales.

11.08.23 11:09 AM Comment(s)
This is the story of Tom, a 37-year-old entrepreneur with an established small business. Tom has always depended on traditional marketing and word of mouth to reach his customers and sell his products.

Why has his sales declined?
Suddenly Tom realises that his customers aren’t engaging with him anymore and his products are lost between the clutter created by his competitors. He heard about digital marketing and social media and that he should have conversations with his target audience, yet he remains pessimistic if this will really work. He also feels overwhelmed about which platforms to choose, what to say and how to say it. His lack of knowledge in the area is making him lose all hope for the future.

What if…?
What if Tom had a specialist partner who could be just as passionate about his business and his vision as he is and who could steer him through this digital jungle with confidence and integrity? Tom decided to take the first step and google Marketing and Communication Consultants and soon learned about EB Consulting.

Targeting his audience
With the passion, guidance and knowledge of the digital marketing specialists at EchoVine Communications, Tom was able to release his fears. He could share the future vision of the business he struggled so hard to build, with them and soon learned that there is a systematic process in place for understanding his target audience, competitors and what the core messages are that he should convey in the digital space. He could also entrust them with the implementation of his marketing strategy whilst remaining an active partner in creating a brand story his clients loved.

With time Tom has gained followers on social media and his website traffic has increased significantly, also resulting in more product sales. What is even better is that Tom learned more about what his target audience really wanted through his conversations with them on social media and could adjust his products accordingly. He also gained raving fans who are now promoting his products for free by recommending it to their peers.

Do you need help to ignite your story?
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